Tweaking server meter size

I am working with high order ambisonics + audio interfaces that have lots of channels. Quite often the ServerMeterView gets huge and occupies two monitores, which is clumsy to see.

My partial solution for this is to boot the server with less inputs and/or outputs provided by the audio interface, however I am afraid this can cause some crazy issue when performing live.

Is there a tweak for displaying the server meter with two rows (one fore the inputs and one for the outputs) or (even better) automatically resize all the meters according to the size of the window?

Don’t boot with less than you have, when you allocate buses they will be played out the speakers.

Instead do this to view but a few at a time.

ServerMeter(s,  numIns: 12, numOuts: 4);


w = Window();
~s1 = ServerMeterView(s, w, 0@0, 12, 0);
~s2 = ServerMeterView(s, w, ~s1.view.bounds.leftBottom, 0, 12);
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