Tweet-sized: "a11wlk01.wav ambient"

I wanted to tweet something using the classic a11wlk01.wav sample.


Really nice texture in 140 characters, well done:)

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Wow! It is great!

\fade, 12 in {}.play()is new to me. I always use fadeTime: 12.
How does sclang accept it? I could not find any information on this.

While understanding your code, I have discovered that your code’s length is 4-character shorter after rewriting your code as follows:


I appreciate you sharing your code with us. It gives me big inspiration and things to rethink!

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Thank You.

@Thor_Madsen, oh, how i wish i could compete in the #sc140 league. (: I think Twitter is allowing 240 characters now. Half the battle is to avoid having twitter mangle up the code you paste. Hence all the backwards stuff ar(SinOsc, 440) things. Sometimes when tweeting SC code you get away with more, that tweet is 261 bytes.

@prko, No, thank you, Normally i am satisfied when Twitter lets me post something without reformatting the code and move on but thanks to you cutting 4 characters i had tinker further on it. It is now down from 261 characters to 248.


I can’t remember when or where the \play thing came into my vocabulary. Sometimes when short on characters to use it comes in handy.


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