Tweetsized muzak for You!

Found this while while going through some folders.


…and, yes. I am aware of the unorthodox formatting. :person_facepalming:
I may have tweeted it before i left that platform.

Love is the message. <3


The sc140 album is always a form of (sadistic) beauty of compactness:

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This is fun ! You can do a live remix by randomly pressing play on whichever you prefer :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing !

Since I am on Linux (Ubuntu) I cannot record the result though - let’s try putting it on my phone…

Without the code it’s harder to play them exactly at the same time… but the slight start delay helps in creating good noise music :slight_smile:

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I got lost in time listening to my homemade remix - there are sound artefacts but they are good :sparkles:

Hope everyone is having a great evening !

Have fun :heart:

Thank You.

You can change Scale.phrygian to Scale.choose.postln and restart it until you find a more interresting scale and also swap the Dseq for Dxrand for more unpredictable progressions.

I landed on this one because it sounded so cheesy.

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Oh i remember that album too well. The one by Tim Walters was the thing that drove me over to sc from fighting with Max in the first place. It both looked and sounded like poetry to me. All in one line.


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