Ubuntu 19.10 x86_64 ERROR: There is a discrepancy

Hello there,
I’m quite desperate by now,
I have tried everything, including uninstalling, sudo apt install, building from source with no avail.
I keep getting this error in the interpreter:

compiling class library...
	Found 859 primitives.
	Compiling directory '/home/USER/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions'
ERROR: There is a discrepancy.
numClassDeps 0   gNumClasses 82
Library has not been compiled successfully.

Library has not been compiled successfully.

Please, can someone explain what is the Error and how can i fix it,
Best, Cheers, Thanks

Looks like a problem with the language configuration file, ~/.config/SuperCollider/sclang_conf.yaml. What are its contents? (You can abbreviate sensitive path locations if you wish.)

Also the IDE has a “standalone” option, labeled as “Exclude default paths” in preferences -> interpreter. Try unchecking this?

Is it a new install?

I’m asking because it seems that the interpreter is not trying to compile the main class library at all, which should never happen unless something in a configuration file somewhere specifies not to.