Unable to use Input Devices

Hello everyone!
This is my first time posting on the forum, I recently started learning SuperCollider for a college course I am taking.

While working on my final project, SuperCollider suddenly stopped receiving audio input.
I am working on macOS Mojave 10.14, and SuperCollider 3.9.3.
Here are my audio settings when booting the server:

Number of Devices: 6
0 : “Built-in Microph”
1 : “Built-in Output”
2 : “Soundflower (2ch)”
3 : “Soundflower (64ch)”
4 : “Pro Tools Aggregate I/O”
5 : “Aggregate Device”

“Built-in Microph” Input Device
Streams: 1
0 channels 2

“Built-in Output” Output Device
Streams: 1
0 channels 2

SC_AudioDriver: sample rate = 44100.000000, driver’s block size = 512
SuperCollider 3 server ready.

Here is the code I am trying to run:

x = {SoundIn.ar(0) }.play;

Using other applications such as Ableton or Max I am able to get audio input normally.
I have tried killing all servers, closing the application, changing my input device (between my computer’s built in, and my external audio interface) and even uninstalling SuperCollider.
I spoke with my professor as well and she couldn’t figure it out either.

Any input on what could be going on or how to fix it would be greatly appreciated!