Up to the Boundarys of Supercolliders Capacity

Dear Community,
So I have had a Problem to understand How SC would load a to complex SynthDef by Synth-Def-File, now I understand it.
But now I have a Second Problem. My Synth seams very Complex and So I get this Error-Message:
JackDriver: exception in real time: alloc failed, increase server’s memory allocation (e.g. via ServerOptions)

  1. So I have tried to increase the pre-served Memory from 8 MB to over 1GB like I have read in the Helps.
  2. So I have cancelled all the UGens I not really need
  3. So I have reduced a Source WAV from over 1 Minute to ca 7 Seconds.

But all this don’t work.
Has anybody a Suggestion how I can get my lot to complicated Synth running.


Hey CreCo!
By that error message, it looks like increasing s.options.memSize (and then rebooting the server, if it was already active) should be enough.
Are you still getting the same error?
Could you post some of your code (maybe the way you are increasing memory size or your synthdef) ?


It seams like I be a Idiot …
… but this Morning ( here in Germany ) …
… It runs over 15 Minutes without to crash down.
The Thing I’m have done this Morning different, is that I have started the Supercollider IDE complete new.
I have in the Past think that s.boot and Manuel restart Sc will do the same Job. But now I think this is incorrect. Can anybody tell me if this new assumption correct.



a = {
	var buf = LocalBuf(8192 * 4096, 1);
	PlayBuf.ar(1, buf)

// posts:
JackDriver: exception in real time: alloc failed, increase server's memory allocation (e.g. via ServerOptions)
warning: MaxLocalBufs - maximum number of local buffers is already declared (1) and must remain unchanged.
warning: LocalBuf tried to allocate too many local buffers.
Buffer UGen: no buffer data


s.options.memSize = 1048576;

s.reboot;  // this is important!

a = {
	var buf = LocalBuf(8192 * 4096, 1);
	PlayBuf.ar(1, buf)

// no error posting -- no problem


It shouldn’t be necessary to restart the IDE.

It’s more likely that you maybe thought you rebooted the server but didn’t. Or, maybe: 1/ Set memSize. 2. Didn’t help. 3. Recompile class library. 4. Boot server (but settings reverted to defaults). 5. Still got allocation error.


Oh Dear,
I think I have a “Wackel-Kontakt” ( this German – On English: Lose Connection ).
My Script would one time run an other time crash.
I think is a problem how silly I’m to understand the System Behaviour.
But with the Idea of s.reboot. it seams actually get very stabler to start my Script.

Who pulls out his hair
:upside_down_face: :wink: :nauseated_face:

Ok, Just as 4 hours latter …
… I can new tell …
… the Machine are not more broken down, by executing my total crazy complicated Synth.

Thanks a lot:

CreCo :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

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