Updating code from SC 3.5

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I am trying to update this SCTweet by rukano with no success.

// SendTrig
I thought I wouldn’t make an sctweet out of this, because it requires an OSCresponder (which takes some characters to do). So, maybe in the 3.5 version of supercollider would be better, because it will be called OSCFunc and it takes less code to achieve the same. This tweet I make just sends back to the language a value made by Sweep, and is re triggered 4 times per second. In the responder I take the number as string and let is speak it (Mac OS only afaik). With the ‘force’ [ speak(0, true) ] argument, it lets me retrigger the speech synthesizer instead of waiting until it’s done (normal behavior). The funny thing, is that it doesn’t re trigger every time as expected, so sometimes it says the whole number and the other ones are 'remixed’ :wink:

// Here is the code:


Tried swapping OSCresponder with OSCFunc but still getting ERROR: Message 'addr' not understood.

Any ideas ?

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The arguments for OSCFunc are a little different:


Saves a couple characters, actually!


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Thanks @Sam_Pluta !

Unfortunately, I’ve realized that the .speak method is no longer available on MacOS … If someone knows some workaround to do this with Siri or Cortana please indicate it here.