Use CV data from Eurorack in SC

hey, ive recently bought a Doepfer A174-4 3D Joystick to control some SC stuff and wondering if its better to use CV or MIDI ? I would need to handle 6 channels of CV data, as the Joystick has 3 axis. I know that there are some Expert Sleepers devices which either make it possible to connect CV via ADAT Lightpipe to your audio interface or modules which convert CV to MIDI data. I would also like to record the control data from the Joystick with Ableton live, which i only know how to do when using MIDI.
Any advice on this?

hey dietcv,
it’s been long since i’ve used it, but I remember using the expert sleepers lightpipe module and it working well!
also in ableton the ES module should make it very easy to simply record (as you would audio).
generally i find CV much more flexible and advantageous than MIDI, but also i basically have no experience with the latter.

hey, thanks.
lets say i would use the lightpipe solution to send the cv signals to my audio interface.
how would you make a setup to deal with the incoming cv signals in sc?

I remember it being as straightforward as using and mapping the range according to what you need! Latch and Lag also proving very useful in this context.

i would like to control a Slider2D with the Joystick.
So instead of a when using MIDI you would have to play a Synth with ?

That’s an interesting way to use a joystick.How well did it work?

b =, 2);
{}.play(s, b);

I imagine he just redirected it to a Then if would work just as a control bus.

You used Lag because the signal was “too noisy”?

Yes, only used it audiorate within Synths directly…so don’t really know about Slider2D.
Exactly Lag was to smoothen it somewhat as it could be jittery.

Yes, it’s a totally different instrument, I imagine. Maybe sometimes even the ‘jittery’ could be used as material on purpose.

i was settling on the idea to use CV over MIDI but if jitter is an issue with CV im not so sure.

If you want it to behave exactly like a MIDI controller, it is way more efficient to connect as a midi controller. Otherwise you will have to process a lot more information (not so crucial with today’s computers anyway), and then you have to filter it out. That’s my guess.

thanks alot. i think i will go with a MIDI solution then. I already hate eurorack haha