Using JackAudio natively on osX

Dear all

I sadly am forced to migrate to Catalina. JackRouter is not supported (I am exploring hopefully JackBridge but not functional yet, stay tuned!) but I see that Linux supports Jack natively for the scsynth. Is there a simple way to get that functionality on MacOS?

Any pointers welcome.


If you build supercollider yourself (and have jack installed), you can specify “jack” as the audio backend. In that case the server’s audio will always have to go through JACK, it won’t be able to use the sound card directly.

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great thanks. I’ll give that a try. I would ideally have both scsynth living on my machine so I’ll also check how to choose which to use if possible. I will update here whatever workflow I find helpful.

In the meantime I should have read the compilation instructions for MacOS:

I’ve created an unofficial build using Jack as a backend (for use with JackOSX). It seems to work on Catalina.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Rock on! It works. Now I can use just the ‘scsynth’ app from the terminal and define a server and voilà! I could not find a way to just compile the scsynth part in the project without all the dependencies and you just saved my life (ok, just a few evenings, but still, thanks so much!)

You’re welcome!
Just curious, what else are you running through jack? There’s very few apps that support jack directly and you can’t route sound to anything else without JackRouter.

There is this still barely supported JackBridge which runs under Catalina (4 outs 2 ins so just enough for stereo for now…)

So I can use my favourite DAW (Reaper) with it and SC in insert… far from ideal, especially because JackBridge is not multiclient, but hey, it works for now and I need to change my machine…

Got it. I’ve seen JackBridge before.
Also it seems that SuperColliderAU is getting some attention which might be another option for DAW integration on macOS.

Gerard is a colleague of mine, I’ve heard indeed this is back on his radar :slight_smile: