Using Neovim & SCNvim in the age of Lua

In recent months, I’ve seen a lot of people in the Neovim community making a transition towards Lua now that it’s been integrated into Neovim - setting up their entire configurations in Lua, using package manager and plugins made with Lua, as well as incorporating some of the new features like LSP, Tree-sitter, new completion frameworks, snippets, etc.

At the moment I’m making the switch as well and have so far installed ‘nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter’ and :TSInstall the supercollider parser maintained by madskjeldgaard and got the wonderful syntax highlighting working! :slight_smile:

What other plugins would you guys recommend? Especially when it comes to working with SuperCollider (SCNvim) ?

At the moment I’ve got:

In terms of completions, it seems a lot of Neovim people are using lspconfig to utilize the built-in LSP server and nvim-cmp for completion.
But there is no SuperCollider LSP language server though right?

I also noticed some people in Neovim are using lspsaga or signature to get those nifty description panels integrated into the completion framework to show brief descriptions of functions, etc (kind of like scide). Is it possible to get this to work for SuperCollider as well?

Anyways, what are you guys using for completions, snippets? and what other useful tools/plugins would you guys recommend?

Madskjeldgaard’s reaper-nvim plugin looks extremely interesting as well and I hope to try it in the future once I got some of these main features sorted out.


Fzf.vim is a must for navigating and fuzzy searching everything. Also, install ripgrep so you can fuzzy search code using the same plugin.

This little plugin adds a bunch of SC specific commands to let you fuzzy search through evrrything from scales to help files

Also recommend getting a snippets plugin. Scnvim auto generates snippets for all methods. You can use ultisnips or snippets.nvim right now but LuaSnip is the future for lua users and there is a PR in the works to support that here

Note that for SC it is super important to install and setup the tags source for nvim-cmp to enable completion of SuperCollider tags generated by scnvim as well.

Good luck !

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Oh and if you use git a lot them vim fugitive will increase your quality of life quite significantly

I also really like git gutter

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If you want to get into scripting lua and SuperCollider, there is info on that in this thread:


thank you so much madskjeldgaard! really appreciate it!
i’ll look into integrating those tools into my workflow!