Using Wolfram Mathematica to control sclang or scsynth

Network-based using Wolfram Mathematica to control sclang or scsynth

Dear users,
Is there any ways to control sclang or scsynth in Mathematica using WI-FI connection?
Mathemitica does not seem to support

Thus, asking this question is ridiculous, but who knows that someone has a genius method to do it?

You could probably use SocketConnect—Wolfram Language Documentation to build a TCP connection to sclang.
Normally sclang runs in UDP [which it seems is not supported by mathematica], but we can setup a TCP connection via NetAddr.
Then you would still need to parse/build the binary OSC messages in Mathematica, you can look at a python implementation or at the official specification.

Another possibility would be to rewrite the mathematica logic in e.g. python :upside_down_face: Or use something as a transition layer, e.g. mathematica → node/python → sclang, where the node/python script could be a simple REST-API to OSC converter, as seen e.g. in GitHub - crucialfelix/API: simple Application Programming Interface framework for inter-application communication with SuperCollider [which seems deprecated]

Does this help? :slight_smile:

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Sure, it is helpful!
It sounds like an adventure to non-programers like me, but I will try it.
Thank you very much!