Vanilla SC fails to install quarks, macOS

Hi, I’ve encountered this issue a couple of times with new users. After they download SC and install it, they open the Quarks window and get

Error: Failed to read quarks directory listing: GitHub - supercollider-quarks/quarks: Directory of community contributed Quarks for SuperCollider
Error: Primitive ‘_FileReadLine’ failed

They do have git on their machines, so that isn’t it. One time the only solution appeared to be to bluntly copy a SuperCollider application support folder from another machine, but I’d like to know how this issue can be solved and if it is a bug or not.

cheers & thanks, Wouter

When this error occurs, what is in the downloaded-quarks folder?

Which OS? In the past, I’d found that quarks git integration was basically totally broken in Windows. To my knowledge, that hasn’t been fixed but I could be wrong.

This sort of git issue is really hard to troubleshoot…

(Edit: The specific error “Error: Failed to read quarks directory listing” because “Primitive ‘_FileReadLine’ failed” occurs because downloaded-quarks/quarks/directory.txt doesn’t exist, which would be the case if the git checkout failed. That can be for a whole lot of reasons that are outside of SC’s direct control. In Windows, the most likely reason is that the git calls simply don’t work on that platform (to my knowledge). On Mac… I don’t know without more info.)


I’ve seen it on various macOS machines. The latest occurrence was fixed by manually deleting the downloaded-quarks folder and trying again. It was a vanilla install of SuperCollider so it somehow created the apparently faulty folder itself…