VarGui strange behavior

I have two systems, both are SC 3.12.2 on Windows 10 latest update. As far as I can tell they have the same set of extensions and quarks installed.

When I try this example from VarGui help files, one of them works fine, the other throws a “isNaN not understood” error. If I remove stream:p from VarGui, then it works. What could be causing this?

SynthDef(\synth_1a, { |freq = 400, preAmp = 5, amp = 0.1|
    var src =, 0, mul: preAmp).tanh ! 2;, src * amp *, doneAction: 2))

p = Pbind(
    \instrument, \synth_1a,
    \preAmp, PL(\preAmp),  // or Pfunc { ~preAmp }    
    \amp, PL(\amp), // or Pfunc { ~amp }    
    \midinote, PLseq(\seq) + PL(\seqAdd), 
    \dur, 0.2

~specPairs = [\seq, [36, 60, \lin, 1, 36] ! 5, 
    \seqAdd, [0, 12, \lin, 1, 0],
    \amp, [0, 0.3, \lin, 0.01, 0.1],
    \preAmp, [5, 50, \lin, 0.01, 20]];

v = VarGui(~specPairs, stream: p).gui;

I just tested the example with 3.12.2 and it works fine, though on Mac.

I don’t get exactly what you mean here. Are you working with different SC instances on the same machine at the same time? From my experience, this is a path to trouble. If they are on different machines, I don’t know – I’d check first with all other extensions deinstalled and add them again one by one. Unfortunately, there are sometimes situations of conflicting quarks/extensions.

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Yes, two separate machines.

I removed all personal settings from startup and added them back one by one. That seems to have fixed the error. Still not sure what the cause was though.