Vectors / Functions, Linear Algebra, etc

I feel dumb for asking this, as it’s likely super obvious somewhere, but I have been looking for some time now.

I’m just trying to plot vectors and do basic Like define a point (3,1) and point (5,2), to define a vector. Or even easier, just from the origin to (3,1)

I see you can use Plotter where you define the whole range of the domain, and then add “specs”, but I’m sure there has to be a basic “graphing calculator” sort of approach here that I’m missing. I’m imagining defining an array of tuples to define points, or give a function:
V = 8x+2
You know…math stuff…
Maybe there’s a quark that I don’t see?

Maybe Env is what I’m looking for, but just needed to reach out to see if there’s something else.

Sorry, I know I’ve been back for 1 day and already asking a billion questions.

I don’t know if that can help, but there’s a “mathematical” quark : GitHub - supercollider-quarks/MathLib: Some mathematical extensions to SuperCollider .

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I was excited about Cartesian class, that’s what I thought would work, but noope. Thanks thought!

I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand what you are trying to do.

Maybe you should take a look at the Pen class if you don’t know how it works yet. It is related to the QT implementation inside SC, which allows to create views (UserView is the main class). You can then define how it should render (using drawFunc).

The Pen class has the ability to manipulate points, for example using the .line method. I think it would be easier to use this rather than the plotter for display purposes. Regarding pure mathematical functions, I can’t help you tho.

I came across this second Quark that might fit your needs : . Didn’t test it tho.