Video tutorials on composing with supercollider

New youtube channel in which I hope to occasionally post new tutorials about using supercollider for generative music and algorithmic composition. In the first tutorials I will concentrate on generating MIDI events using supercollider patterns and sending them to an external synth to avoid the extra complication of addressing sound synthesis.

The first set of four tutorials is called “Project Free Jazz” and ultimately result in a generative composition that (with enough fantasy :wink: ) sounds a bit like free jazz music.

I was on a very tight time budget to make these videos (and it shows here and there), and hit all technical stumbling blocks beginners hit, but I hope it’s still interesting for some of you. If things are not clear, be sure to mention them in the comments.

If you have experience with supercollider patterns already, you can start from the third video.


Indeed it is. Thanks a lot, eagerly waiting for what you’ll bring next.

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Fantastic work! Looking forward to checking these out properly. I will add them to the awesome supercollider list as well

Thanks everyone, I’ve posted a new episode for a new tutorial project:

“Killin’ the Coughin’ Dance with SuperCollider”.

The actual tutorials still need to be recorded, but you can already hear the end result.

The name Coughin’ Dance refers to some popular meme music, but since I’ve altered the music to avoid copyright issues, I’ve also changed the name a bit.


Fab! I’ve learned a lot from your writing so looking forward to digging in to these.

The tutorials themselves have been posted now.


Thanks a lot +20chars !