Visualisation tools for modular synthesis

I’m looking for some tool to visualize modules to help me designing a modular set up on a higher level.
This is made with mermaid, its used for UML diagrams.

Im looking for something that looks like this, but also where you can connect modules to the specific inputs of the other. Does anyone know some tool that i can use? It doesnt have to be specificly designated for music.

Not exactly sure this is what you looking after but I remember something like this here SuperCollider Graph Drawing

For usage, the following thread would be not bad:

I have not clearified enough what im looking for.

  1. Im working with the modular setup provided by proxyspace. Im interested about the relations between synthdefs and not about what goes on within a synthdef.
  2. I dont want to implement and then visualize, i want to visualize and then implement. The tool you suggested visualizes what youve already created. Im looking to first design on a higher level so i can think about lower level implementation later. It doesnt have to be from supercollider. Any kind of online tool or drawing software would suffice. So just some kind of drawing program with easy workflow and clean syntax that makes it easy to produce diagrams. But diagrams which are somewhat suitable for representing modules, busses, and to see which output is connected to which input of the inputs of a certain module. Mermaid comes close to it, it has very clear and easy syntax, but you can only connect the modules as a whole and not specify to which input of the corresponding module it is connected.
    I wondered if any of you can recommend something like this, but where it is possible to make some kind of representation of these output-input connections im talking about.

I do something similar to what you are after (I think) by dragging squares around on the screen. In my use case, the squares represent the node order of an FX chain. After a new node order has been establish by dragging a square to a new location on the screen, I rearrange the node tree with the Group.moveAfter method. Maybe you can adapt this approach to what you are after?

I have expanded the code to work in 2D mode which allow you to drag square along both the x and y axis, I can share it if it is of interest.


Looks nice! I havent had much time to look into it. I must confess im a bit lazy to work out everything and how to get it the way i want it. I will just stick to mermaid for this and label the arrows, which will be fine for now.

For anyone interested this is mermaid live editor, you can use it in-browser.