VSTPlugin in ProxySpace

Hi all,
I want so setup a ProxySpace for improvisation and try to play a Pbind in a VSTPlugin in the ProxySpace.
This is already not working:

~vst[0] = \vst -> {VSTPlugin.ar(WhiteNoise.ar(0.1)!2, 2)};
~fx = VSTPluginNodeProxyController(~vst[0]).open("2C-Aether", editor: true);

Could someone set me please on the right track!
Thanks in advance!

VSTPluginNodeProxyController expects a NodeProxy, so you need to pass ~vst instead of ~vst[0]. You can set the actual source with the index argument (default: 0).

BTW, assigning the controller to ~fx does not work since it is not a NodeProxy (it only controls a NodeProxy). See section f) in jitlib_basic_concepts_02 | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help.

Thank you for your helpful answer. I will work with his!