VSTPlugin v0.3.1 - bug fix release

This is a critical bug fix release for VSTPlugin v0.3.0 (see VSTPlugin v0.3.0 released!)

NOTE: If you’ve already been using VSTPlugin, please upgrade and read the changelog below!

Binaries and source code: https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin/releases .

Please report any bugs at https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin/issues or leave a comment.


bug fixes

  • fixed wrong VST3 plugin ID. The main issue was that VST3 preset files couldn’t be opened in other VST hosts and vice versa.

NOTE: You can still open old “wrong” preset files, but this might go away in future versions, so you’re advised to open and save your old VST3 presets to “convert” them to the new correct format. But first you need to clear the plugin cache (VSTPlugin.clear) and do a new search to update the plugin IDs.

  • fixed error when calling loadPreset with a preset name.

  • fixed possible crash when quitting the Server (especially on macOS)

  • fixed crash with certain VST3 plugins when saving presets

  • disable window resizing if the GUI editor has a fixed size


  • resizable VST3 GUI editors are now supported