VSTPlugin v0.5.1 - bug fix release!

This is a bug fix release for VSTPlugin v0.5 (VSTPlugin v0.5.0 - final release! - #7 by Spacechild1)

Binaries can be downloaded here: Releases · Pure Data libraries / vstplugin · GitLab

If possible, please report any issues at Issues · Pure Data libraries / vstplugin · GitLab, otherwise leave a comment.


bug fixes
  • VST3: fix silent multibus output (when using automatic channel distribution)
  • Linux: fix crash when opening the editor in a sandboxed/bridged Linux plugin
  • macOS: don’t filter by empty extension when looking for binaries in plugin bundles (a few plugins use extensions like .bin)
  • Linux: suppress stdout/stderr when checking the wine command and the wine host processes
  • VST3: disable unneeded auxiliary busses, but still enable all main busses (otherwise some plugins would crash)
  • bridge: redirect logging output from subprocess to parent process (useful for debugging purposes!)