Wavesets example code[solved]

I’m trying to run the example code of this wavelet help file:
I installed the waveset quark, recompiled and rebooted several times
I always get this error:

ERROR: Class not defined.
in file ‘selected text’
line 3 char 12:

w = Wavesets.from(String.scDir +/+ “sounds/a11wlk01.wav”);

I am running sc 3.8.0
Appreciate any help on the subject,

The Wavesets class is contained in Alberto’s Wavesets quark.


@dkmayer thank you for the response,
this one? https://github.com/musikinformatik/WavesetsEvent/blob/master/Wavesets.quark
I have it installed and working, still the same error. .

The error you posted earlier indicates that the class Wavesets is unknown.
How did you check “installed it and working” ?
If the class is unknown it can’t be working -

If the Wavesets quark hasn’t been successfully installed please recheck the Extensions installation steps:

“installed and working” meaning installing adc’s waveset(master) quark via quark gui, then recompiling the class library without error messages.
the class WavesetsEvent is the only available class after “installation”.

I see now, that’s an updated version of the quark which contains Wavesets2 instead of old Wavesets.
You could try if it works with Wavesets2, otherwise try to get the latest version of the old Wavesets class –
just in case ask the author Alberto de Campo.

that did the trick,
thank you.