What does Pser stand for?

I understand the difference between Pser and Pseq. But while reading the documentation I notice that there is no mention of the reason for the name. What does Pser stand for?

I… don’t know, actually. Couple of guesses:

  • Maybe something related to series or serial…? That’s a stretch because there’s Pseries for a totally different purpose, but…? It’s not totally implausible, if we say Pseq(..., 5) means “embed this sequence 5 times” but Pser(..., 5) means “embed a 5-item series drawn from this array”… :woozy_face:

  • Or, r is the next letter of the alphabet after q… so it might be reflecting the relationship that way…? Which is also odd, but only a little less plausible than the other.


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The association with ‘serial’ makes sense, and gives me word to attach to the programming construct! It’s funny how the actual intention behind the name has been lost with (I’m guessing) time.