What does res mean in SVF (state variable filter)

Hi, I’m using SVF and I know little about basic signal processing.
I’m wondering what the res argument does in an SVF, how it affects the Q factor, and if it is possible to measure the Q factor in supercollider.

SVF helper file: SVF | SuperCollider 3.12.0 Help
A probably helpful document that explains how the SVF works https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/filter/state-variable-filter.html

Thank you so much!

In my understanding, resonance control is the same as a q control in a filter. I think the only difference may be in some sort of scaling factor to convert between the two.

That’s my guess too. Do you know how I can experiment with it to find the relationship between res and q? Like how can I read the bandwidth from a spectrum?
Sorry but I’m really new to signal processing…