What genres of music do you make in SuperCollider?

I think it’d be fun to do a survey. How would you briefly describe the style of music that you make or want to make in SC?

For example, I make a mix of electronic art music and IDM, using pure synthesis and algorithmic composition.


Been working on a kind of prog-rock opera from a Star Trek episode for some years. Been building a DAW-like system in SC mostly focussed around letting me re-flow all the rhythms manually after the fact.

I actually had my first concert one month ago. I’ve been playing live Guitar / Piano music, using Supercollider as effects and having a foot-pedal which triggered a lot of prewritten Pdefs. The Pdefs were mostly consisting of the Bass and Breaks/Drum sampler also some Pads are included.
However all my songs had been sounding completely different since i was experimenting with the methods and instruments. Also writing all songs and making them ready to be triggered by a pedal seemed like a lot of work. I’m now rethinking my music and want to do more or everything live.

But the Genre. Its a mix of Break and Glitch core with Dubstep inspired Bass and Classical Piano or Post-rock/metal guitar.

All over the place. I started out doing conventional IDM/EDM type stuff, then moved on to more generative/aleatoric music using data analysis (Markov chain, neural net, etc.). My current project is a soundscape that sounds like musique concrète field recordings, but it’s completely synthesized using ugens in SC. I would like to get more into live coding in the future.

I only write bluegrass death punk hop. Ever