What is the best way to upgrade SuperCollider?

Hey everyone,

I want to upgrade SuperCollider to its latest version but I’m not sure how to do it without losing extensions, customizations etc.

Which OS are you on? Which version of SuperCollider are you currently running?

I’m on MacOS, and aside from now dragging SuperCollider.app directly into applications with 3.12, where before I’d drop the entire folder that was in the top level after mounting the .dmg file, everything works the same, and none of my extensions, quarks, customizations were overwritten.

In my experience, MacOS tends not to erase the folders in ~/Library, but adds to them when installing new versions, perhaps overwriting certain files, which shouldn’t affect your startup files or extensions.

If you’re worried about upgrading you can download a new version and try it without removing the older version from your machine. This way, you can verify you won’t have any problems with existing code. I generally have multiple versions of SC installed at any given time, in case I encounter a problem with some legacy code and need an old version to run it. However, backwards-compatibility breaking changes are very uncommon in the last 5 years or so.