Which Linux distribution fon an installation?

Hi all,

pardon me if this has been covered already.

I have to build a small system for an installation using an old Intel NUC.

Which is the best and VERY easy distribution to use ?

I need obviously Sc3 and then Python.

Many thanks in advance



There is no such thing as easy to use linux distributions but Ubuntu Studio has most things set up.


But again, if you want something “VERY easy to use”, I wouldn’t recommend any linux distribution at all. Linux distros will demand work and research no matter which one you choose :slight_smile:


yes, I know it’s not easy but I’m not a complete newbie, it’s only that I have very little time available.




Ah okay, then Ubuntu Studio might be for you. I personally find arch-based systems easier and faster because the package manager lets you install things really easily, but Ubuntu Studio is pre set up for audio and good to go as is.

I’m an Ubuntu Studio user and generally love it.

If it’s an older machine though, I’d suggest to install xubuntu first, and then install the Ubuntu Studio packages on top of this. That’s the recommendation from Ubuntu Studio to have an XFCE desktop with Ubuntu Studio features. Otherwise you’d get KDE Plasma as the desktop, which is very beautiful and apparently works very well for most people but was … let’s say … not reliable on my machine. (I know about the “xubuntu first” approach because I complained about Plasma and got a [pretty well-deserved] lecture from one of the Ubuntu Studio maintainers about how hard they’ve worked to make it easy to install Ubuntu Studio in whatever flavor you prefer, but I had blazed ahead without finding that bit on the Ubuntu Studio website.)

In any case, for an older machine, I’d favor a lighter weight desktop over Plasma.


is Jack 2 supposed to work out of the box?
(minus setup for SC I’d suppose)
I remember trying Ubuntu Studio on an old HP laptop about half a year ago and Jack just wouldn’t launch, throwing an error msg.
Have no details at hands (notes are far away) ATM, just a general question.