Who maintains doc.sccode.org

I was thinking maybe it’s time to get that s in https going.

It’s vividsnow, if I’m not mistaken…

doc.sccode.org is https, while sccode.org is only http, on my end

Edit: Upon another attempt to reach sccode, my connection is secure https… though I’m not entirely sure what would cause certain connections to achieve secure https, and other attempts to fail…

Both are now https for me as well.
I guess, the matter is resolved?

Both sites are https for me on Chrome, with and without the HTTPS Everywhere extension (tried it first with the extension enabled, not sure if it caches anything to maintain that connection). Same behavior on an incognito browser.

With Safari, doc.sccode.org is https, but sccode.org is only http… same as Rainer. However, it is manually type https://sccode.org it connects fine, and says the connection is secure.

AFAIKS, vividsnow likes to keep himself out of discussions, I guess, he resolved the issue.
On a related topic, it might be worth to look into publicly accessible backups of the resources at sccode.org, though.