Why cant I get supercollider to play through headphones on my raspberry pi

Hi… I am using node-red to call supercollider on a raspi 4 running Buster for a music instrument I built . For some reason, I’m having trouble getting the audio to come out of either headphone jack or a usb audio interface . Instead. It always rout ethe audio to the HDMI device audio. I’ve tried changing the default audio device to the headphone jack using the speaker icon in the upper of the raspi desktop and also tried using sudo rasp-config and changing the default audio device under the system->audio menu. When I change the output device to the headphone using either of those methods, most audio (eg playing youtube videos from chromium) play through the headphones, but supercollider audio still only comes out the HDMI. i’ve tried changing the jackd parameters to us hw:0 but that doesn’t seem to do it. Any ideas ?

Sounds like a jack problem. Try using qjackctl making sure you change the device in it’s settings window. If it fails, the message window should tell you why. Then check the graph and connections.