Why can't I hear anything from SuperCollider?

Brand new newbie here, just starting to learn about generative music and wanting to dip my toes in the water. I’m on ArchLinux. I’ve installed SuperCollider through PacMan, I’ve started Jack, I’ve booted a server in SC.
I’m going through the getting started pages, and I try to run

{ [SinOsc.ar(440, 0, 0.2), SinOsc.ar(442, 0, 0.2)] }.play;

And I don’t hear anything. I’m pretty sure I should be able to hear something here.

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Some potential troubleshooting ideas:

  1. Confirm you have audio output from jack by trying to do something straightforward like playing a file back in Audacity. Is the correct audio interface selected for jack? Everything properly unmuted in alsamixer?

  2. Check that you see something about a temp synth being created in the scide console when you try to evaluate the code with ctl-enter.

  3. Pull up a ServerMeter and check if the output is reflected there.

  4. Are SC outputs connected to your systems outputs in the jack patch bay?

Greetings from a fellow Arch user, btw :slight_smile:

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By default, Audacity uses ALSA, which works fine. If I switch to JACK, the playback device setting says “No devices found”. So I guess I have no output device for JACK? How would I create that output?
Alsamixer looks good, as do my other volume controls.

GUI tools for JACK are really essential: qjackctl, or Carla.

E.g., qjackctl in Ubuntu Studio has this. Or older qjackctl might have a patchbay style interface.

I can hear audio from SC because of the connections at the bottom.


After reading a wiki article about Jack and qjackctl, I discovered what I was missing. I had to enable the DBus interface for Jack in qjackctl options, and then restart Jack. After that, Jack started working for me.

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