Why is CtkControl.lfo limited to a set of oscillators?

So this might be a dumb question as I haven’t used LFOs much. I have been reading through documentation of CtkControl and found lfo and from a design point-of-view I wonder, why is it limited to handpicked UGens, i.e. why not let any control rate wave play back? My current hypothesis is as follows, this is because these share an interface and there is no class capturing the similarities between these oscillators, but maybe it is due to a different reason.

That is a good summary of the rationale - these were common control signals found in a lot of synthesis techniques. But - you can also create a CtkControl that is just a Control Bus, and use that as the output for Out.kr in any CtkSynthDef as well describing any control signal you want, then just pass that CtkControl as an input to another CtkNote - it will work the same and allows for as much flexibility as you want. The lfo method was really just a shortcut for common controls.

If there are others you’d like to see added as shortcuts, please suggest what they would be and I can see about adding them.


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