WiFI sonification 12-hours live stream on Saturday

Date: May 30, from 6PM to 6AM CEST
(click the link to see when that is in your local timezone)

I’m going to live stream for 12 hours while walking around Copenhagen and generating music out of WiFI traffic.
You can follow the stream and a live map of my wanderings at wifi.gianlucaelia.eu. If you are more into webradios instead and just want the stream, you’ll find it here radio.gianlucaelia.eu/listen

The project is made in collaboration with Københavns Internationale Teater, through the Metropolis platform, within a 100 days event called Walking Copenhagen (during the walk I’m going to live stream a short video every hour on their facebook page)

The software is made of a SuperCollider core, communicating with “accessories” written in Python (wifi scanner) and Javascript (websites/browser-based controller).
I’m planning of publishing the code after the project is done, as part of its documentation, so stay tuned if you’re interested in that.