Windows 10 and Jackd

I am trying to get SC to communicate with Jack on Windows 10 and I am having the hardest time! I do not understand why!

  1. Can SC recognize Jack Audio server as a driver or “Device”? I see all sorts of devices listed when SC starts up… but “Jack Audio” is NOT among them. Therefore Jack does not see SC and SC does not see Jack (and therefore never the twain shall meet?) The reason I want to do this is because my Audio interface (Saffire Pro 40) does not play well with multiple applications interacting with it) So I want to have Jack talking to my hardware and several applications talking to jack. My simple goal is to have SC Route its output to Jack which then routes to a an input on my DAW (Ableton 10 in my case).

I tried following the instructions on this page:

But that a) must only apply to Linux? or b) is outdated and no longer applies? When I try creating “startup.scd” SC just seems to ignore it and instead Just does this:

Booting with:
In: MME : CABLE-A Output (VB-Audio Cable
Out: MME : Speakers (Saffire Audio)
Sample rate: 44100.000
Latency (in/out): 0.015 / 0.102 sec
SC_AudioDriver: sample rate = 44100.000000, driver’s block size = 128

Among the many ins and outs listed when the server boots … I see about 5 ASIO drivers… but JACK is not among them:

Windows DirectSound : CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable) (device #24 with 0 ins 8 outs)

  • Windows DirectSound : CABLE-A Input (VB-Audio Cable A) (device #25 with 0 ins 8 outs)
  • ASIO : ASIO4ALL v2 (device #26 with 10 ins 16 outs)
  • ASIO : Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (device #27 with 2 ins 2 outs)
  • ASIO : ReaRoute ASIO (x64) (device #28 with 16 ins 16 outs)
  • ASIO : ASIO Saffire (device #29 with 20 ins 20 outs)
  • ASIO : Synchronous Audio Router (device #30 with 1 ins 1 outs)
  • Windows WASAPI : Hi-Fi Cable Input (VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable) (device #31 with 0 ins 2 outs)

The ASIO Saffire is my device… but again… if I make that the ServerOptions device, Nothing else can use it (besides SC!) It’s Maddening!!! The “default” device SC uses as output is “MME : Speakers (Saffire Audio)” Which is NOT optimal because I don’t get the low latency of ASIO.

So if I break down my question to one… WHAT the heck? Is this a limiatation in Windows 10? Jack? SuperCollider… Are there any known workarounds to this?




So… the second thread doesn’t really apply to me. I have not had issues with latency … AND I am running Windows 10 not OSX. But I see the first thread discusses building a 32 bit version of SC? I’m a bit lame on the compiling department… can you tell me in a nutshell how I would compile that using VS?

Allright, I found this page:

Now… I have some questions: I have VS 2019 And it installed cmake 3.15.19080502-MSVC_

According to this Readme, it requires VS 2017… will VS 2019 work?
It mentions “Latest” is cmake is 3.7.2 are the versions specific to the version of VS?

i haven’t built SC on windows recently, but assuming the MSVC team and cmake teams did their jobs right, both should work.