Wishlist for the IDE

That one’s already present. “Return/enter” finds forward, while “shift-return/enter” finds backwards.


Oh, thank you very much for letting me know it!

+1 - Search option in the Quarks GUI

It would be really nice if
bool ScCodeEditor::insertMatchingTokens(const QString& text) in sc_editor.cpp would insert matching tokens on return/enter keypress instead of immediately. Most of the IDE’s I’ve used insert matching brackets on a new line after keyin for a new line.

Ability to

  • read and process long line
  • replace white spaces with new lines

The extensive line of pi digits from the following webpage is hard to work in SC-IDE. I pasted it into Virtual Studio Code and replaced white spaces with new lines. I would like to do the same workflow with SC-IDE. However, it could be no SC-IDE-related feature but a sclang-related part.


The ability to autofill a Ugen with its args and default values, e.g

/// hit the help popup →

SinOsc.ar(freq: 440, phase: 0, mul: 0, add: 0)

Or is this already possible? If so, please let me know how.

i think this is already possible with scnvim :slight_smile:

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