Workshop at AVARTS-Fest: SuperCollider running on browser and controlled remotely via OSC

Next Wednesday, May 26, at 5-6 pm EEST (UTC+3) AVARTS dept. of IU in collaboration with EASTN-DC EU project partners will present a demo of SuperCollider IDE running remotely on server, visible and audible on web browser + communicating over the network with OSC sent from remote SCLang instances. Plus some other work, producing auditory feature analysis data from SC and using them to run basic machine learning tasks on python, all in a docker image providing interaction on web browser via Jupyter notebooks.

This will be preceded by a live coding performance on SC in trio combining voice and contact mike inputs, and by an interactive musical MMO game “TIMBI WORLD” presented by Ricardo Climent of Manchester University and the group ‘Keep•It•Human’.

Please see below for Program, press release, and registration:

Collaborative Sound Art Forms in Performance (15:00-16:00 EEST)

TIMBI : Musical MMO (16:00-17:00 EEST)

Networked Live Coding (17:00-18:00 EEST)

Press Release


Email contact: Iannis Zannos,