Workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania: Composing 3D music using SuperCollider and ambisonics

1st of October in Vilnius, Lithuania @ LMTA Musical Innovation Studies Centre (MiSC) - more info here: Mads Kjeldgaard — Envelope Festival

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make music and sound design in three dimensional sound using the SuperCollider programming language. That is, sound composed using ambisonics — a wonderful sound technology that allows audio composers to create spatial sound scenes for playback in multi channel sound systems, virtual reality, binaural headphones (with or without head tracking) as well as stereo speaker setups.

Using the “Ambisonic Toolkit for SuperCollider” software (a free and open source extension for the sound programming environment SuperCollider), this workshop will guide participants through the basics and theory of the technology and equip them with the code and understanding to continue experimenting with and exploring 3D sound.

All software used in the workshop is free, open source and cross platform compatible.