World_World : The SuperCollider 2D game engine release

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce the release of World_World v0.1, the SuperCollider 2D game engine.

You can download the zip here:

Or visit the GIT repository here:

This is an early version of the engine, there is still a lot of work to do on it but I had to get it out at some point and here it is. It’s only been tested on a Mac, please let me know if it runs on a PC or Linux machine.

All you need to do is drop the “Supercollider-World_World” folder and its entire contents into the “SCClassLibary” folder. If you don’t want the engine to start on launch open file “1.World/” and change line 20 to:

classvar <startEngine = false;

You can then start the engine yourself with:


This demo was made with Geomancy as the intended font. You don’t have to have this font installed for it to work but it does look better if you do. Geomancy can be found in the assets/fonts folder or here… Geomancy Font |

I recommend reading the readme and glossary files before diving into the code. They will give you a better idea of what it can do and how it does it. (Sorry no help files yet).

Over the next few weeks I’m planning on making it possible to write games in the interpreter rather than using hard coded class files. I think this will help ease people into learning the different systems. Ultimately I’d like to make this a quark, with examples, help files etc.

It works with PS4 & PS5 controllers or a keyboard.
WASD = movement
space = jump
return = fire
; = wall grab
escape = pause

If these don’t work on your platform then edit the “1.World/14.” file if you want to change them.

If anybody has an xbox controller and wants to help out let me know. It would be good to get those working too.

love to the SC community



just cloned this, and wow, this is fantastic! congratulations, this looks and plays super smooth and is working really nicely on my linux machine.

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Great! I’m glad its working on Linux, thanks for letting me know.

Super Smooooth. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Congratulations! Do you plan to somehow integrate this to the main SC branch? As a quark, plugin or maybe with the default SC?

Yes, as a quark. Once its in a state i’m happy with and i’ve written a few help files.

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