World_World : the SuperCollider 2D game engine - Teaser trailer

Hi everyone,

it’s almost time for my latest project to see the light day. Ahead of it’s release on Monday 1st Aug 2022. LNX_Games presents a little weekend teaser trailer of what you can expect to see.

love to the SC community

from neil.


The starship lives on! :raised_hands:

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Incidentally, @neilcosgrove I have a number of other games that play a little differently - one that has a frog that catches flies, a PacMan that needs a bit of work yet but most of the functionality is there, and a start on Tetris.
I’d love to collaborate a bit with you on the engine. I’ve though of adding a quark with some sprite/UserView objects like my beloved spaceship so others can use them more conveniently.


I’m so up for collaborating, sharing ideas and making a quark. I think thats where I’d like to go too. I’ll have to check out your other work. + I’m totally up for suggestions on direction, feature requests, feedback both good and bad, etc etc. I think we could make something really useful and exciting.


This looks incredibly cool. Good work!