"Writing Quarks" Tutorial?

Hello Synths,

Would it make sense to have a guide or tutorial about writing Quarks ? Or is there an exiting one ?

For me it’s clear to understand Quarks that will produce traditional UGens, i.e the whole Quark architecture will be based on *ar{ } or *ir{ } ending with a ^out . But when I go to a more different Quark, then things get complicated…

I am trying to understand what the Wavesets quark is doing, but I am lost in many dev details… I am thinking about documenting it in order to create a tutorial about writing Quarks.

As I already have many questions, I will post them here, in case someone begin to help me…

What is the difference beetween classvar and var?
What are the operators <> and < ?
In the Wavesets Quark, for instance, what is the order of execution of the functions within Wavesets{ } ?
What does ^ mean ?
What does the super keyword means ?
What does the this keyword means ? Why exactly thisThread or thisFunction is not used istead?
Any simple example about how to use this within a function ?


I think you may be getting classes and quarks confused. Most of your questions are answered in the help files for classes, especially this little guide is quite good: http://doc.sccode.org/Guides/WritingClasses.html

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Making and using quarks is covered in this help file: http://doc.sccode.org/Guides/UsingQuarks.html

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This may give you a jump-start: https://github.com/madskjeldgaard/cookiecutter-quark


Thanks a lot! Now I got many stuff!