+.x in the help file?


(48 + [0, 2, 5, 7, 10] +.x [0, 12]); // "+.x" syntactic sugar!

returns the same result as:

[0, 2, 5, 7, 10] .collect({arg item, i; 39 + item + [0,12]}).flatten;

So, after some testing I know what +.x does. But I can’t find a description of it in the help file. Does anyone know where to look for it? Thanks!




Or that one - you probably wouldn’t have found them unless you knew what you were looking for.

Personally I’ve never found them useful, as they are quite arcane.

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Hey thanks! Yes I’ve looked a few times and couldn’t find it. These things that SC has imported from J are interesting; there are quite a few and I didn’t know they had come from J. Some have become more commonly used than others (like the ! in 3!4). I asked because I figured there might be others.