Adding a SFX category?

Hello everyone,

I’m making a modest proposal here: what do you think about adding an SFX category to the forum, in addition to the Music category, which already exists?

Taking a cue from the Sound design category of the KVRaudio forum, I think it would be nice to have a place available here where we could discuss together questions such as “how do I recreate in SuperCollider that particular sound I heard here, here, etc…”.

For example, today my intention was to recreate for my live coding setup a sound I remembered hearing years ago while playing the LucasArts video game Full Throttle.

Eventually, with the help of a member of the KVRaudio community, I managed to implement it (in a fairly rudimentary way) within SC.

SynthDef(\fullthrottle_bark, {
	amp=1.0, atk=0.125, rel=0.125, pan=0.0,
	fc=440, rq=0.1, db=3,
	var sig;
	// synthesis
	var env =[0,1,1,0],[0.01, 0.25, 0.25]), doneAction:2);

	var lfo =,rel,curve:[4,2]), doneAction:0);

	var osc1 =, mul:(-1));
	var osc2 =;
	var osc3 =;
	var smp =*0.8;

	osc1 = osc1 * (lfo*0.75);
	osc2 = osc2 * (lfo*0.56);
	osc3 = osc3 * (lfo*0.5);
	smp  = smp * env;

	sig = osc1 + osc2 + osc3 + smp;
	sig = sig * amp;

	sig =, 79.0789 * (lfo*lfoAmt));
	sig =, 79.0789 * (lfo*lfoAmt));
	sig =, 69.6083);

	// post processing
	sig =, fc, rq, db);

	sig = (sig * (1+drive).clip(1,10)).softclip;,, pan));

~midinote = 64-12;
x = Synth(\fullthrottle_bark, [
	\amp, 0.3,
	\atk, 0.125,
	\rel, 0.1,
	\freq, ~midinote.midicps,
	\fc, 324.149, 
	\rq, 37.4911.reciprocal, 
	\db, 6, 
	\lfoAmt, 12,
	\drive, 2

Other examples of what I have in mind are interventions I have read or posted before here on the forum but also on sccode (link, link) or in this fantastic reference inspired by Andy Farnell’s work.

What do you think idea?
such a category already exists here in the forum?

Let me know
Thank you so much