Sound Design recipies: "coming from the inside" kind of sound

I again guys,

Yesterday I stumbled upon this sample by chance (taken from the Sonnis GDC 2016 sound library). An excerpt of the sound here:

The sound is called “XMAS Grains” and this is its path inside the library - GDC 2016 - Game Audio Bundle/Digital Rain Lab - Dreamscapes vol.1/XMAS Grains.wav

I’m particularly impressed by a single element among all of these textures. I’m referring to this sound which seems to come “from inside my throat” (especially if you listen to the sample using headphones).

It seems to me that is made of high-frequency content-rich impulses, maybe with some particular resonances reminiscent of those of the human vocal trait (I cannot explain otherwise the particular psychoacoustic effect they arouse in me).

Do this sound make you feel the same way I feel?
Anyone have some previous experience in creating this particular effect?

I was wondering if using Formlet will be the “right way” to approach the problem of recreating this effect.
What do you think?

At the same time, I am curious as to whether a specific category for this type of question (a Sound Design / SFX sub category? ) could ever be implemented in this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

IF (if) I’m picking out the right component in the track I think you’re describing, probably something like this, although this is admittedly a pretty crude attempt at the overall shape of the sound:

SynthDef(\tony, {    //after your very Shining-esque description :)
	var trig =;
	var fFreq =, 0, Dwhite(20,2000));
	var sig =;
	var env = Env.perc(0.001, 0.01).ar(0,trig);
	sig =, fFreq, 0.3, env);, sig);

You could use formlet but those impulses are pretty short. Maybe if they were more frequent, it would have a more pronounced vocal quality with formlet applied to the whole signal and maybe some adjustments to (or the outright removal of) the BPF I used.

So essentially Noise → AD Env (short atk, not as short dec but still short) → Filter with cutoff modulated

There’s another sound I’m hearing that you might be referring more to that is similar but seems deeper. Sounds to me like a resonant LPF with some of the same general principles.

With regards to the sound design category, it seems sensible. I’ve wondered from time to time why one hasn’t started but I’m not a mod and can’t really speak much to anything “forum meta”.

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Thank you so much @mjsyts for your suggestions,
I will make some experiments with the signal flow you are suggesting :wink: