Can’t access external sound device or blackhole from SC

I am currently unable to get any sound out form SC (superCollider 3.14.0-rc1) macOS Big Sur. to an external audiodevice.
server meter shows a signal in the output channel [0,1], but i’m not able to receive any audio in ableton or logic through blackhole virtual audiodriver or on my AnalogRytm used as a USB soundcard.
btw: logic to ableton works with blackhole

i’ve selected the outputs like this:

Server.default.options.outDevice_(“BlackHole 2ch”);
Server.default.options.inDevice_(“BlackHole 2ch”);

the devices are shown in the at post window:

Number of Devices: 4
0 : “Built-in Microph”
1 : “Built-in Output”
2 : “BlackHole 16ch”
3 : “BlackHole 2ch”

“BlackHole 2ch” Input Device
Streams: 1
0 channels 2

“BlackHole 2ch” Output Device
Streams: 1
0 channels 2

btw i used in my synthdef[0,1],sig);

are there any solutions for this issue? or what whats wrong in my code?

Could the issue be the same as in this post?

no, i don’t think so, the internal mic and audio out are working fine

Did you check if the sample rate for Blackhole in the Audio MIDI setup app matches that of SC?

sample rate is 48k on all devices and SC, in eariler times some years ago, i used jack but jack is not working even the lastest realese on my system,
but got it working, the soundsource app overwrites the audio out of AudioMIDI setup