Cologne Meetup: 21.12.24


@mismerized and I are planning a little meetup for any SC users in Cologne at the Chaos Computer Club next Thursday 21.12, at 19:30.

If you’re keen to come, maybe leave a comment here - it’s not a problem if you don’t come, just so we can give them an idea of how many we’ll be.

We haven’t really planned anything, so I guess it’ll be pretty informal, just meeting each other etc etc.

Would be great to see a few people!



cool, I think i have time to join :slight_smile:

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Damn, this is next to my door but I am not in Cologne on 21st.

Is someone going to 37C3? Could be also a place to meet :slight_smile:

thats a yes (obviously) from me too :blush:

This is tomorrow, 19:30 at Chaos Computer Club. Please remember to wear a mask - it’s a requirement of the house, hope that’s ok for everyone!

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we have been a cute little group discussing single sample feedback, eucledian rhythms, preset interpolation with the MLPRegressor, reverb, playing live and SC workflows for making a piece of music (i hope i havent forgotten anything). was really cool. next meetup will probably be in january.