Contributing to SC again

Hey all, about 2 years ago I decided to take a break from developing SC:

After chatting with a few former and current devs I wanted to make an update. I’d like to sustainably contribute again to this project, at a much reduced capacity – probably more like 2-3 hrs/week rather than the 15-20 I averaged before stopping. I’d like to focus on doing code review, mentoring other developers, pair programming, and giving design feedback; and explicitly stay out of any high-level decision making or writing my own patches. I think this will keep things fun for me (important motivator) and also make good use of the skills and knowledge I have from my past on the project (another important motivator).

I’d be interested to hear what others think about this and if there are any suggestions or requests for how I would direct my dev time.

Basically: I wanna give some time to SC again, what should I do?



Hey moss,

That’s some really great news to have you back! Thanks for all your past contributions and the future contributions to come :slight_smile:

Any way you choose to contribute and put your efforts in will be fine and a benefit for the community! Maybe the question should be: What and how would you like to contribute? I think this should be the top priority to keep motivation high and sustained :slight_smile:

But if you’d ask me I think the review process could have some supporting forces so the review process gets faster. For me it would be great to have some more intermediate response, maybe even occasionally through a (video) chat to avoid some correspondence, and maybe help when struggling with some “trivial things”, although these are often the parts where you learn the most, it also grows frustration over time, and it would be great to have a mentor to discuss the tricky parts to become more proficient.

Welcome back!

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It’s fantastic to hear that moss! Your plan to focus on mentoring, code reviews sounds very good… We had a brief contact along those lines and I remember you’re the bad cop, in the best possible way, keeping the quality high. . Your past experience will undoubtedly be invaluable.


Looking forward to seeing your impact!

This is great news! I’ll join Dennis and Bernardo in simply endorsing your intuitions here and expressing gratitude. Very much looking forward.

Welcome back Moss!

Josh Parmenter

Such good news!
Although I am not part of the development community, I want you to know that your generosity and dedication (and that of all of you, dear developers) move and motivate me daily.
I understand that, by choosing to dedicate energy and time to this project, you are giving up other, easier and more personal sources of satisfaction. This altruistic choice not only benefits the SuperCollider community, but also has a transformative impact on a social level, you are building tools that enrich our lives in unexpected and creative ways.
I deeply appreciate the effort you are willing to invest and the passion to share it.

Thank you for your selfless dedication and for making SuperCollider exceptional!

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Thank you for the kind words all (:

I will take some time to think about it still. Right now I feel doing some review and pairing would be a good place for me to start up, likely after the holidays.

This is something I’m really a fan of as well :smiley:


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Wonderful to have you back here moss <3 <3 <3

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