Do we need this forum?

Between the mailing list, facebook group, slack thread, and subreddit, do we really need this forum to exist?

Please share your opinions regarding the pros and cons of having a discourse forum for SuperCollider.

edit: just heard back from one of the mods over at lines, who brought up some relevant points:

  • facebook is evil

  • reddit is kind of ugly, and has some social weirdness attached to it

  • the mailing lists are kind of awkward to set up, and the archiving system doesn’t always work

  • slack is a professional tool, which can be a bit of a barrier to access

conversely, discourse is neat, easy, decentralised, and offers users choice in how they want to engage with discussions

edit 2: if you haven’t already, it is worth having a quick look at discourse’s feature set.

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Yes, this forum is a great idea. Thank you !


I’ve enjoyed using discourse on the lines forum so I’m very excited to see a dedicated forum for SC like this.

Maybe we should start off the bat with a welcoming code of conduct?

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There’s this. Not sure if that’s what your looking for but it might cover all bases.

what did you have in mind?

it would be nice to have a web-based active community where the content is searchable via google. if this forum isn’t indexed by google then i would think the subreddit would actually be a better option to encourage people to use

according to the devs, discourse forums are comprehensibly indexed by google.

edit: also, from here: “SEO optimized for Google indexing and searching.” (near the bottom of the document)

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Absolutely. I think forums are a much better way for in depth discussion than most other forms of written communication. And discourse is a great platform for forums. I’m very glad this forum was created!

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Yes! There is no modern way to interact with other users at the moment, especially now that monome norns has respawned some interest in learning Supercollider. Well done.


yes we need it! thank you.

Learned to love discourse on the lines forum and always thought that the mailing list archives were a bit messy. So yes, this forum is very welcome!

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I think we can make it clear that this forum adopts the official SC Code of Conduct.


yes, we need a SC forum!

I’ve been using SC for a few years on my spare time, and i believe the mailing list wasn’t that friendly. A forum is quite easier to use. :+1:


I think this is a great idea! Thanks for the effort.

Yes! I already feel at home, thank for this! And hello everyone, this is my first post

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Yes we need it!
As a beginner, I feel it’s missing, I feel dumb asking questions that have probably been answered a million times before, but are hard to find on FB, Slack or mailing list archive.

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Indeed we need it. I left Facebook many moons ago, and never regretted it, it’s invasive and not really suited to the needs of a more detailed forum discourse that we ‘had’ on the old SC forum. I’ll be interested to see how this develops, especially as a data base for information concerning problems and basic help, etc. The old forum was great for inspiring ideas, solving issues (no matter how small), and kept people in touch with each other.


Thank you so much guys!!! I definitely will use this forum. I use the mail listing forum from Birmingham Uni, and reddit, but I always wished, that there ll be a similar forum like the one I know from openFrameworks…and now we have it :star_struck:


For shure! Its better because you can see all the topics at a glance, it have markers and tags and Its also easier to use. If someone could upload the email archive it would be great. It think that it is also fundamental to have the development community here as well, and so the forum first page should be divided into Dev / Users topics.

Many Thanks!:star_struck:
Zé Craum

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