Do you make visual 'scores' / music notation using SC?

Hello All

I’m interested in learning about projects / people involving SuperCollider and music notation, fairly-broadly considered. The intention is to gather examples of SC use in connection with so-called ‘common practice western notation’ and other music notations including ‘graphic’ scores and the like, edge-cases welcome. The use of SuperCollider as a front-end to drive other software is of interest, too (e.g Lilypond an obvious example).

Please note that the important and very live issue of ‘code as notation’ is outside the scope of this particular project (there are other folks doing welcome work on this).

There’s plenty of scope for hair-splitting in all this, of course, for now, I’m hoping that people may chip in with info such as examples, names / papers, projects, with URLs, etc.

I’m imagining that this info will be of interest to others on this forum, but also hope to list some diverse examples, with permission, in a piece of writing I am currently working on and which I will link to here once (hopefully) published.