Faust.quark - Create SuperCollider packages with automatically compiled Faust plugins

Hello, I just published a nice little Quark I made. It is based on code I pulled out of my persona projects and have been using for a while but I thought it might benefit others so here it is.

This SuperCollider package makes it possible to create SuperCollider packages (Quarks) containing plugins written in Faust code. With this, you can distribute plugins written in Faust and make it easy for others to install, compile or uninstall them. It also contains some simple interfaces for the faust and faust2sc.py commands used behind the scenes.

The probably coolest feature here is that it can automatically compile and install the plugins without the user having to do anything apart from download your quark. See the README for more information.


This is great stuff. Thanks Mads!

genius! plus some more characters so it lets me post this…