Has anyone tried SC on the new M1 mac? Will there be a native ARM version of SC in the future?

Currently SC will only be able to run through rosetta 2. Has anyone tried this yet? Does it work? How smooth is the experience?

And furthermore, will there be a version of SC that can run natively on the M1 in the future? Any news on that? And if so when could we expect this?

saw this comment on lines…

One of the good things about open source software is that you don’t have to wait for a software company to produce an M1 binary. The minute the M1 C++ compiler is available for download, any SC user can get the compiler and the source code and try to build it.

But, related to what I was just saying, we have already had some users try to build SC for themselves in the new architecture: “Walked away and came back with a big ‘BUILD SUCCEEDED’ message on the Terminal window and I was so relieved. SuperCollider launches!” (https://github.com/supercollider/supercollider/issues/5168#issuecomment-731282599)


Ah, that’s good news just from the day before !
Let’s hope the remaining issues to be manageable !

Oh, but I just remembered, SC starts up but there seems to be some problem with timestamps for bundles (used extensively for events and JITLib). So, not out of the woods but it should all be fixable.