Is it possible to run SC as an AU for my DAW?

I’m running Logic Pro on a Macbook. Is it possible to run SuperCollider as an AU, with midi & parameter controls in Logic, and the audio going back in for post-effects and mixing?

there used to be a way to save out as an AU, but it is long ago abandoned. If you have some C++ skills, it may be possible to pick up where it left off.

Yes, there is!

I am not sure how actively it is being maintained, but I believe it should be in usable condition. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried building SuperColliderAU; it took nearly two days to figure out the right way to rearrange the files and submodules so the damn thing will build. Then when I did finally get a .component file, it doesn’t validate. I’d be grateful for any advice from someone who has managed to get that thing working.

That’s no good then. You should contact Gerard Roma; he is the one who was interested in maintaining it.

Also, if you remember how you got it to build, you should take the time to submit those instructions as a pull request to the repo, so that the next person to try it out doesn’t have to struggle as much. I’d gladly merge that. :slight_smile:

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As an alternative I’ve had a fair bit of success using Jack with SuperCollider on OSX.

Can you tell me more about “Jack”? What is that?

It’s a way of routing audio between different applications. It’s the professional sound system for Linux, but it’s been ported to OSX and Windows with mixed success.

If you want to install it on OSX - I’ve been using this version pretty successfully:

Hi Ian,
I just discovered SuperColliderAU in the last few days and have also been trying to build a .component file with no success. I was wondering if you could pass on the information of exactly how you built the file? It would be amazing to get it to validate so we can start building AU plugins again with SuperCollider! Thanks.

IIRC, I struggled with that for several days then gave up. I don’t recall the method I used; it was back in September and I’ve since deleted everything.

I’ve shelved those dreams of using SC as a virtual synth with Logic as my sequencer/DAW.

I managed to build SuperColliderAU.component a couple of times few days ago. First, you have to build supercollider from the source following the instructions in the GitHub according to your platform,, then move the relevant files to the folder of SuperColliderAU and it should be as simple as (cmake … and make) I am in mac 10.12.6 I could share my component if you have a similar configuration. What I haven’t been able to do that was very smooth back in the years is to create new instances including a synthdef and parameter controls using the AudioUnitBuilder. for now, the workaround seems to be to copy the component, attach the synthdef and modify by hand the plist. You will have however the same identifier and you cannot run two different instances. This has to be investigated more. I believe Gerard Roma has been working on it.

Cool is this a 64 bit build of the plugin? As I remember it was stuck in 32 bit


Yes, it is 64 bit. This is what I see in the terminal under the command file: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/SuperColliderAU.component/Contents/MacOS/SuperColliderAU: Mach-O 64-bit bundle x86_64

I’m having issues building and it’s to do with the version of Qt it’s building against. It needs to be >=5.7 (I have 5.12.2) but I can’t seem to update it using Homebrew. Googling doesn’t seem to be very clear either. Do I just have to install using an offline installer?

@Hyppasus or anyones else know how to do this?


huh… 5.12.2 is greater than 5.7 :thinking:

So I managed to build the latest SC (not the one referenced in the SCAU repo) to use with the SCAU build process, and got it building after installing missing dependencies (boost). The resulting AU built doesn’t seem to validate in many of the DAWs I’ve tried though. I feel that there are a number of discrepancies between the latest Audio Unit sdks in later macOS, to those when the plugin was originally coded. @Hyppasus what os did you build against?

Hi boonier, my last build is from February 2019 for macOS Sierra 10.12.6, I just tried and still working. Did you built it for 64b?

I presume so, I didn’t go digging around the cmake stuff as I thought that was ready to go. I’m having issues finding the plugin in auval and Gerard said he was looking into it, so I left it for now. (better things to do like making music!!)

Sorry to dig up an old thread but my experience has been similiar and I’m curious whether anyone has SCAU working at this point?

I was able to build on macOS 10.12.6 with updated submodules and the component actually passes auval, but is either unresponsive (Ableton 10) or causes a segfault during validation (Max 8, Logic Pro X) in all hosts I’ve tried.

More info and logs at if anyone’s interested.