Live granulation/processing

interested to hear what are people’s favorite methods of live (mic-in) processing and/or granulation in SC, i.e. any libraries, externals, etc.

miSCellaneous_lib quark contains a live granulation tutorial with server- and language-driven granulation examples (some special timing issues have to be tackled here). They avoid using any intermediate buffering. Including the latter, all variants of buffer granulation – e.g. such as described in the buffer granulation tutorial – are applicable.


I recently published a tutorial on this topic. I use GrainBuf and SoundIn, with some careful/precise design choices.


hey I have a live signal i am trying to send through a granular that would loop the signal per 1/4 bar and 1bar.

The example from Eli Fieldsteel only work with one rate of repetition, and my signal always arrives changed in Dkmayer solutions.

is there a way to perform this please ? thanks !!

to loop my signal and send it to dkmayer granular I use the ptr and rec synth from Eli Fieldsteel example

an example of the sound to send to the granular

~modFil = Bus.control(s,1);

SynthDef(\lfo1, {|out,ph, dur|,,1).round(1),
		[    1, 4 ]
	)    *,1)).range(10,2400)
*[1,0],[dur,0]),doneAction: 2))}).add;



	Pbind(\instrument,\lfo1, \dur,10)


found my happiness in the TriggerBufferGranular.scd in example directory

very glitchy though i must not use it well

the best way I found, using Eli fieldsteel or TriggerBufferGranular.scd technique, to alternate in between 1/4 and 1 bar loop was to run two different instances of the synth but i keep getting overlapping signals…

has anyone face the same issue ?

fixed it !!

Joshua Parmenter share some extraordinary resources at his website on this respect: