Mailing list mode doesn't work for me

I’ve tried in various ways to switch on the mailing list mode. But I don’t receive any mail from Is it just me?

same problem here. tried for two days.

Hi Fredrik. I seem to have the identical problem even for just adding an “alternate email address” (under account > preferences). The confirmation email never arrives. Could you try the same?

i tried and could add another address (gmail). i received a confirmation mail.
but two stranges things happened: the reply page here in the browser said my email was ‘updated’ and i can’t find the gmail listed anywhere in my preferences. i only see my ‘primary’.

Julian - I see logs of mail being sent to you, including several in the last few hours - and I don’t see any bounces. Can you check your spam filter maybe?

They’re being sent to your address.

I see the confirmation email for your new address going out, and I see your secondary and primary email both set (Gmail and personal address) - the addresses look correct. I also see logs of at least 5-10 emails being sent in the last day to your f@ address. Again, check spam filter? Otherwise, it’s POSSIBLE that were hitting an email rate limit, but I don’t yet see any error logs or anything related to this, and I’ve gotten all these messages delivered to my inbox just fine. Let me know if you find anything? If not, I can try to check logs of the email service itself?

A while ago, this email address didn’t exist anymore and I had no access anymore (in such a case, I would be at loss of how to change the email address to the new one). But I rescued it, configured a mail forwarding to my other address, which is tested (again right now) and works. But I do not receive any email from scsynth.

Could you try switching your primary address to your other (non forwarding) address, to see if something is getting hung up with forwarding maybe?

I can’t switch it, maybe because the other email addresses are not confirmed. I’ve tried several times to resend these confirmation messages, but also none of them arrived (they should arrive at the new address, no?)

yes, i started receiving emails to my primary 3h ago. signed up yesterday morning.
and now my additional gmail also showed up in my preferences (good because i want to delete it again.)
obviously i checked my spam filters.
anyways, for the moment it seems to be working. there’s several (~7) minute delay in the email vs webforum but perhaps that’s to be expected.

We’ve set a five minute delay to avoid sending notification emails for accidental posts or things people edit immediately, so 7-ish makes sense with email server plumbing and whatnot.

Thanks for the triage everyone - since I’m seeing logs of emails being sent to all of the mailing list mode people, and the forum is generally good about catching and reporting bounced emails / send failures, if there are messages going missing the likely place is somewhere in the plumbing between mailgun and the destination server. Worrisome, of courses and having JUST dealt with some issues with my personal email acct in the last months, these things can be especially hard to diagnose.

Thank you for looking into it. If it is just me and nobody else turns up with the same issue, I’d be fine with deleting my account and starting a new one (I haven’t posted too much here yet). But it would of course be better to know what happens.

When you send confirmation messages to confirm a new email address, that email should go to the new email, right?

i replied to a topic ( Q reg. resetting TempoClock ) via email. this was over one hour ago and still the reply hasn’t showed.

seems like something’s up with the mailing list mode again. yesterday i sent two messages (replies) that didn’t arrive to the forum.

Thanks for the report, sorry these didn’t get through. The last received message I see from you is from Sept 19, but nothing more recent than that. There’s been at least one email message received and posted in the last 24 hours, so if there’s a fundamental outage it’s more recent than that.

I’m replying to this via email to check for an outage, so if you see this it should show that email is still getting through. Unfortunately, email error reporting tends to work in longer increments (iirc usually failed deliveries are only reported after 24 hours?), so if there’s a delivery problem, it might be lost in the ether for a little while longer. If you get a delivery error back, please let us know - we can also check the email box itself to see if anything has somehow fallen through the cracks.

email error reporting tends to work in longer increments (iirc usually failed deliveries are only reported after 24 hours?), so if there’s a delivery problem,

in my logs at my provider they’re listed as ‘sent’.

it might be lost in the ether for a little while longer. If you get a delivery error back, please let us know

still no bounce 1,5days later. the two emails are just gone.

i’ve had this happen several times now. i wonder if it is me or the system…


Very strange - it’s clearly not a permanent outage or address block or anything, because the message you just sent today was received just fine. We can check the spam folder of the email account, in case your missing emails were somehow flagged.

another email i sent yesterday lost in the ether.
ok, i give up and will now retire from this ‘mailing list’. it is not working.

and one more related question… where can i delete my forum account? i looked everywhere but can’t find it. surely there must be such an option?

I’m really sorry to hear this. I also have had problems with the email interface, but everything seems to be working smoothly now, for the past couple of months.

I hope you reconsider, you have always been one of the most interesting and helpful voices on the list.